Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kayla & Aaron 8-1-15 Battleground Wedding

After a couple weeks off for church camp and taking my kids down to CA, it's back to weddings!  And what a fantastic wedding this was.  I got to work with two close photographer friends, Koren of Kaptured by Koren and Heather of Heather Beam Photography. As always, they were a blast to hang out with and work with on a sizzler of a day.  Everyone was hot, but after chugging water and sitting by the fans, we were ready to head outside and capture an absolutely perfect day.  From the details to the colors, I could not get enough shots to satisfy me.  I probably could have been there for 2 days and still not have seen it all.  The Reed family outdid themselves with their gorgeous backyard and I hope they get to pause and enjoy it soon.

Have a great honeymoon and enjoy your demos!  (video is first - click to I took are continued below that!)

This video is their Wedding Demo

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