Sunday, August 16, 2015

Chris & Haley 8-15-15 Wedding in Longview

This wedding is super special to me as I consider both of these guys family.  In fact, my entire wedding was in attendance at the wedding (and my dad drove their getaway car - since it was his!).  We have gone to church together forever, but also Chris and I were in a musical together when he was just a little lad and I was in high school. And then he became the assistant youth pastor at the church I grew up in (and still   go to church camp with in the summer).  Haley is an amazing young lady that also became connected with our church through mutual friends (and Seahawks fans!).  Haley went through a major trial in her life when she was diagnosed with cancer in college.  She turned her situation into something greater than herself and created the EFF Cancer Movement where she creates t-shirts and donates the proceeds each month to a person who is also battling cancer.

Her strength and attitude throughout everything is seriously a testament to her faith in Jesus. If you have time, I highly suggest that you read her blog here:  From the Inside Out.  Her blogs inspired me, made me cry, but also made me pray for her future and that one day HER SPECIAL DAY would finally come (as my own sister beautifully put it).  It was her blogging that inspired me to blog (for awhile) and we became "fans" of each other.  I loved our late night messenger chats. She would always made me smile and encourage me to keep writing!  You see how much I do now that I have kids, though, right?  HAHAHA....oh well.  Maybe when they are older.

For now, please enjoy some photos and a short video for their special day.  I'm off to "Friends Camp" on the Oregon Coast (Haley will know what I'm talking about!), and then I'll come back and edit her video before I start school again this fall!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Carissa & TJ - July Longview Wedding

This wedding was so near and dear to my heart.  The groom was my own ring bearer when I got married and the bride has been a friend of our church family for years. She and I were both interns at the church (even though we were years apart!  haha).  Also, one of the bridesmaids was my flower girl and one of the coordinators was my flower girls as well.  My brother (who was also a ring bearer of mine) helped at the reception, too.  So, you can see what a great day this was!
This blog post is a little bit of a surprise to the bride since she had no idea that I took a minute or so of video that day, too.  I wish I would have caught more, but I was working by myself and I was in charge of photos, so it was quite a large task.  Please enjoy their video/slideshow as well as their favorite photos of mine below.
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