Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Free Easter Basket and get Cash Back

So, here is how I got my free Easter Basket:
  1. (Click Here) and BECOME A NEW TOPCASHBACK MEMBER through my referral link
  2. (Click Here) and hit GET CASHBACK NOW
  3. You will be redirected to Kmart’s website. Search for: Pre-filled Easter Basket
  4. Purchase any Easter Basket between $13 and $17.
  5. You can either pick up at the store (free) or have it shipped (at the bottom of your checkout cart, you can sign up for a "Shop Your Way" account and get free 2 day shipping like I did)!
  6. In 14 days you will get $26 CASH BACK in your cash back account. You can cash out for an amazon gift card or PayPal cash as soon as you get the $26 in your account!
In other words...If you buy a basket for $13 and go pick it up, you can make $13!   Or you can buy a basket for $17 and have it shipped to you (for free) and you will still get some cash back.

Offer is only good on ONE basket, but make more accounts and buy more baskets??

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