Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bricknell Twins & Family

This family is such a blessing to everyone they meet.  Paul is a youth pastor at my parent's church and has been a friend of mine since high school.  El is a Noonday ambassador (check out their AMAZING JEWELRY and support a good cause!) and has such a heart for everyone she meets. They didn't know if God was going to be able to bless them with children and before you know it, they found out they were having twins!!!!!  The entire church was overjoyed.  I remember the announcement (since I was actually at their church that day).

So, when a member of their church asked me to do some photos for them once the babies were born, I jumped at the chance!  I just love this little family and am SO excited for them, because they will be the best parents EVER.

If you want to see the rest of their session, check it out here:

To check out Elizabeth's Noonday giveaway, go here:
(I wore my lovely loops necklace and my falling mukisa necklace both this week! Plus I wear their earrings every day.)

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