Sunday, July 20, 2014

Jennifer & Brian 7-19-14 Sunriver, OR

Seriously - I don't even know where to begin at how gorgeous our setting was yesterday, but I will share some pictures so I don't go ON and ON.  Because I could...

Also, the best man (Chris) and his wife Erin are good friends of mine, so we snuck out right behind the bride and groom to grab a couple quick shots of the two of them as well :)

I drove 4 hours down to Bend with my 2 kiddos and a baby-sitter. Then, I drove another 20 minutes to this amazing golf course that overlooks Mount Bachelor to be able to capture some amazing memories for Brian and Jennifer Anderson. They were an adorable couple that were surrounded by friends and family speaking nothing but good things about them throughout the evening. The speeches were heartfelt and my friend, Chris Dixon, sang the song that they were listening to when they first realized they fell in love.  Here is that performance:

As it stands right now, I drove the 4 hours home today, did a load of laundry and packed my kids up in a different car to drive 2 hours MORE north to church camp to video high school kids this week.  So, I am hooked up to a personal hotspot trying to get all this amazing-ness uploaded so they can enjoy their memories, their week, and I can let loose this week trying not to get my lenses pummeled by crazy high schoolers! :)

Please enjoy their demo video as well!!!!

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