Friday, July 4, 2014

Desiree & Jereme - 7-3-14 Vineyard Wedding

Sometimes you plan the perfect day and life has other plans.  You have to change your date, your dress, your reception venue and only invite a small amount of family. But, the fact remains:  You are in love and nothing can stop the two of you from beginning your lives together.

Thus, began the most beautiful, intimate wedding ceremony and reception that I have ever been apart of.  I am tearing up as I write this thinking about the amount of love, devotion, and hope for the future that I saw yesterday.  Two lives coming together as one, also joined 2 families together. Desiree has three gorgeous daughters and Jereme has a gorgeous daughter and adorable son.  They all could not wipe the smiles off their faces all day as they saw how happy mom and dad were.  Tears were shed as EVERY SINGLE PERSON in attendance gave a toast, including all the kids.

To top it all off, I got to do this wedding beside my mentor, Kellene, of Bella Lucia Photography. She has been my best friend in this industry for at least 4 years now.  I would not be the photographer and videographer I am if it weren't for her pushing me to succeed and backing me up the entire way.  We had a blast and I can't wait to do many more together!!!

Please enjoy their video demo as well as some snapshots I took of their day!

My amazing partner, Kellene (the photographer in our venture!)

A shot I took a minute after Kellene

Their son, the ring bearer

and then one of their friends tried to do it, too....

The best partner in crime ever :)

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