Saturday, April 12, 2014

My 4-year-old: The Diva

She wants to be Sophia Grace.  Or Lindsey Sterling (look her up - we're going to her May 19th concert in Portland). I'm not even kidding.  She thinks that her cousin is Rosie.  If you are not following me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably missed this photo of them:

So, she decided to dress herself and put on her own photoshoot/concert for mommy this evening.  I will save you some time and only post 3 of her videos and a couple of the pictures.  Believe me, there were MANY MANY more.  She then proceeded to tell me that I was the "Sweetheart" and she was now the mommy.  She looks so 80's in these photos!  lol…..


She seriously has a mind for music, too.  She memorizes songs and lyrics like no other.  She might look a little like Stevie Wonder in the first one, too!

Video number 1:  Bella sings "Let it Go"

Video Number 2: Bella sings "Do you wanna build a snowman"?

Video Number 3:  Bella sings Christina Aguilera

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  1. Way too cute! She looks like she loves the camera :D


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