Monday, March 17, 2014

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I can't believe I forgot to share this on the blog!!!!

My dear friend and photographer, Kellene of KellieMae and Bella Lucia Photography wanted me to do a promotional video for her blog so that people could get to know her and her style a little better in a quicker fashion.  She storyboarded a "vision" for me and we FINALLY carved out a weekend that my mom could watch the kids for a couple hours so I could go over to Kellene's house to play with my camera and a couple new pieces of equipment.  We both LOVED the result.  I also snapped a couple photos of her and her fiancĂ© as well during our outdoor shoot when it started to POUR and was about 30 degrees.  She is crazy with her tank top….that's all I'm saying…

Here is the link to her website with the video.  Check out her entire website while you are there and let her know that I sent you!

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