Monday, March 17, 2014

Baby James Album

It is a lot more difficult to keep up with scrapbooking now that I have 2 kids…I kNEW I shouldn't have scrapbooked with the first kid!  lol…

Is that horrid?  It's not that I don't have albums.  I DO!!!  Obviously I love to take photos.  It's just that I don't have time to SCRAPBOOK.  (You know, get out all my stamps, papers, tapes, and glues - print the photos and put them together all cute).

I just love to create these amazing little KISS ALBUMS now.  They are SO professional and clean. I love how they look.

However, I DO need to get to printing some photos, though, 'cause I won this adorable book from Winkink Books on Etsy and it is custom printed for James!  So, I need to get that started soon :)  Once I get that completed, I will take photos and do a blog post on it :)  (Now that it's in writing, I HAVE TO!)

Thank you to Kellene of Bella Lucia Photography for the photos in the last 4 spreads :)

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