Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lowe Maternity Shoot

My dear friend, Jessica, is ready to have her baby boy any day now!  I'm so excited for her :)  I used to coach cheer with her and worked at our former school together. She is outdoorsy and loves to hike, camp, and do anything that keeps her active and fit.  We had to climb one hill during our shoot today and I was more out of breath than she was!!!

She had the best attitude possible about our rainy day photo shoot today.  She is 38 weeks pregnant, so we knew we had to get it done as soon as possible, otherwise her little guy might get here before we did!  So good to see her today and so glad we got it done!!

She was pointing to the spot where he kicks all the time :)
This is what my kiddos were doing during the shoot! LOL :)


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