Monday, January 6, 2014

Larama Twins

I have loved getting to know newborn photography over this past year. I feel like I have grown leaps and bounds. Now having another baby around the house, I remember what all of the different cries mean, how to shush/comfort them, and the beauty of white noise machines during sessions.  All of those "ah ha" moments were put to good use during this amazing session with TWINS!

I met their mom, Jill, when I photographed their cousins' wedding in September. She saw some of my work and asked if I would do her shoot after she had her girls.

They say that twins are twice the fun, but also twice the work. These little girls definitely proved that. It seemed that once we got one calmed down, the other would wake up. But man, they were worth it!

The other amazing thing about this photoshoot, besides how adorable these girls are, is that I got to use my new toy, the Westcott IceLight.  I shot the entire shoot with this little "light saber"-looking handheld light.  I kept it on a light stand for the majority of the shoot, but during the family photos, my assistant took it handheld for me while I was shooting. I am excited about the possibility of video shoots with this light, as well. I can charge the battery and it will hold the charge for an hour. It's completely portable and I can take it outdoors on shoots, too, with no problem!  Can't wait to use it more, for sure. Check out their commercial here:

Sister Reagan was 4 lbs 8 oz when she was born on Nov. 27th. She is feisty and oh so cute!
Sister Leighton was 4 lbs 15 oz when she was born on Nov. 27th. She is doing so well and now weighs almost a pound more than her sister
Gorgeous momma and her girls. Not only does she look amazing, but she was so patient and gentle with her babies today. I can't wait to watch them grow!!

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