Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our Family Canvases

So, I am in LOVE with Canvases.  So much so, that now I am re-arranging my walls to fit 4 new canvases of our growing family.  I will do some FULL FAMILY photos in fall (get ready, my dear friend, Kellene!!!!), but until then, these are the four of my children that I am putting up.  The first two are from Ana Brandt of Belly Baby Love.  We were fortunate enough to be her models on Creative Live when my son, James, was only 9 days old!!!  We were also blessed with the video of the event, which I will treasure forever.

These next two photos are ones that I took personally.  I LOVE them so much because they show my adorable kiddos in my own home.

Don't they look sweet and innocent??  Don't let them fool you!  But, I will LOVE to remember them this way, years from now :)

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