Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Indian Anniversary Reception 12-21-13

I had a blast at the One Year anniversary reception of Gagandeep Singh Chahal and Jagdeep Kaur. I was floored when I was called 2 days before the evening to ask if I was available. Because I had a baby a month and a half ago, I had been trying not to take on too much. Funny thing is, for some reason, I had two weddings and a photo shoot this week (SAME WEEK AS CHRISTMAS - WHAT?!??!).  Now I KNOW I must be nuts.  But, my wonderful husband said that I could do it, and he would watch both of our kids for the first time for so long by himself (the only other time was a quick 2 hour stint)!

The evening took place at the Academy in downtown Vancouver, WA 
Gorgeous Cake (and SO yummy!)
Christmas-themed centerpieces
The inside ballroom at the Academy
Gold and Maroon decor
Can you BELIEVE this outfit??  I was floored by how gorgeous it was
The couple
Aren't they stunning?  They are very conservative and didn't like too many photos, but
were kind to oblige so I could get a couple for their DVD menu
Their family was dressed in their formal Indian best and the colors were a sight to behold

Here is their demo video:

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