Saturday, December 28, 2013

Erin & Tyson are married!!

"A referral is the greatest compliment we can receive..."

As much promoting and advertising as I do, honestly the most business I get is from referrals from past clients.  This is the perfect example of that chain.  I filmed a wedding for a gal named Kristina, who got married in April of 2011.  She then referred me to Katie who got married in December of 2011, as well.  Her maid of honor was her sister, Erin!  When Erin found out she was getting married, she called me to do HER wedding video, too.  I loved seeing all of these gals last night at the wedding again.  It brought back a ton of great memories.  I was telling Kristina that one of the cameras I used last night was actually purchased on the DAY of her wedding on my way to the ceremony site!  Too crazy.

This is why I LOVE referrals as well as reviews.  You can check out my latest reviews at the bottom of my website:

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I also had the pleasure of working again with Alyssa Jul for the 3rd or 4th time at a wedding.  I was just thinking how nice it is to work with the same photographer multiple times so that we know how the other person works and flows during the day.  We also assisted each other with lighting and ideas for setting up some shots.  It was refreshing to play around with some new equipment while we had a 30 minute break before the ceremony began.  We felt a bit geeky, but when it's your passion, it feels more like playtime than work.  Check out her page and give her a "like"!

I actually arrived at the wedding site a couple of hours early because I had never been there before, didn't know what the roads would be like, and wanted to scope it out in daylight. It was about an hour and ten minutes from my house at the "Resort on the Mountain" near Mt. Hood. 

They had a fire going in the lobby, candles set up for the ceremony and reception, and gave off a very cozy atmosphere despite the 39 degree weather we encountered (Note the frozen lake behind the couple near the beginning of the video).  I also loved Erin & Tyson's decor, with hot chocolate favors for their guests to take home.

Enjoy the video demo of Erin & Tyson's day at the bottom!!

I love that DSLRs are the style in video right now because it allows me to take great photos like this for the DVD cover, case, and menu without skipping a beat taking video that day.

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