Monday, February 18, 2013

Project 12: SWEET

As a part of my monthly Project 12, I decided to take pictures the weekend that daddy was HOME this month.  We needed a couple of him, since we haven't gotten to hang out with him much, lately.

Daddy suggested that we go to Wings and Waves water park (Wish I would have taken more there, but I was nervous about having my camera out, so maybe next time!).  I did grab a couple of daddy and daughter loving on each other.  Then, we went out to the Golden Arches for some "Sweet" treats afterward. Perfect time to pull out my camera and grab a couple pictures for the project. I absolutely LOVE the "daddy-daughter date" picture that I caught. But, these are literally the only pictures I got, because I wanted to be more "present".  Due to that, we had a GREAT family weekend!!

Daddy-Daughter Date

Her eyes are a different color than either her mom's or dad's

I HOPPED IN A PICTURE!  No makeup (after the water park) and all!!!!


  1. awesome captures! What a fun day. :)

  2. Love the "date" picture too! We are planning a trip up to W and W soon, but not until I get my waterproof case.. so scary with out it!


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