Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Quick Fun in the Snow! Post Processing?

So, I have begun to create my "style" I think.  I love crisp, clean images and have developed a couple of post/processing techniques and flow that I love. I hope that this will help people decide if they want to go with me when they are trying to find a family photographer.  The more consistent a photographer is, the more a family knows what they are going to get out of their session in the end!

So, here are a couple of pictures of my daughter in the snow yesterday done in my three favorite processing techniques.  Which one do you like the best?!?

I call this one "Clean Portrait"

This one is "Black and White Portrait"
This one is called "1970's Portrait"
Here are some more pictures done in the same processing techniques

Black and White Portrait
Clean Portrait
Newborn session done in "1970's Portrait"

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