Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Linn-Gomez-Campbell Family

A day without rain.  Yes, please!  I trekked back to my hometown for this gorgeous Family's pictures!  I am friends with the daughter, Angela, from high school.  She and I were both in choir and both cheerleaders and then she coached with my mom and sister!  OH YEA!  We were also in the play, "Guys and Dolls" together, if I remember correctly!

Angela's entire extended family was going to be in town for the holidays and she decided that she wanted to do an entire family photo shoot for her mom, who has been going through treatments for cancer, recently.

So, we went out to a field behind my mom's best friend's house and put on our boots to run around and find some great spots to take pictures.  We had SUCH a blast and even thought it was cold and the poor kiddos from California were done after 5 minutes, we did the best we could and got some adorable shots.

The entire family

The girls are "pretending" to sleep

Grandma and her girls! 

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