Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lorton Family

Yes - I took some photographs on Christmas Eve.  It was SUCH a beautiful day, I couldn't resist.  Seriously.  I almost posted a picture of the field in back of my parents house and said "FREE PICTURES TO THE FIRST PEOPLE OVER HERE!"  Loved the temperature, the sun.  Let's face it, I just love Christmas.

I also love this family. I have known Andrea since the end of high school, but more into college.  We both ended up leaving our hometown of Longview and going to Central WA University, where we both met and married the loves of our lives and began our families.  Andrea's family has grown ABUNDANTLY and the Lord has blessed her with 3 beautiful little boys (okay - not so little - MAN, THEY ARE TALL) and twins on the way!  I can't wait to visit her after those babies are born.  What a fun time that will be, for sure.

Thank you, dear friend, for letting me photograph your beautiful growing family and for being such a great friend over the years.  I love you!!!

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Sweet Cheeks, Baby Lorton

The boys were showing us their muscles!

Mom and Dad still so in love

I just love how angelic he is

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