Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Favorite Photos of 2012

I got this idea from another fab photographer in my area. I have had such a fantastic year.  I haven't been too busy, so I've done a lot of playing around, searching for my "style" and buying new equipment. I've learned SO much.  I love to photograph people, but I can honestly say that extended exposure and learning off-camera flash have been my favorite things to do so far.  I love learning new things and these were some of my best memories of 2012:

My 1st niece finally got teeth!  She is such a doll and we love that she is talking so much now, too.

This was my first time trying to capture lighting and it was a challenge, but a blast!

If I could live in a NICU and just photograph babies, I think I would

This family was a blast and I knew they would be up for a little photoshop fun

This puppy was a challenge, but finally sat in the midst of the train tracks where we wanted him!

My co-teacher and his family are a blast. I just adore them.
Niece #2 turned one, so we did a little cake smash and shoot for her. She has the best eyes ever!!  These are not enhanced at all
OFF CAMERA FLASH!  Loved learning this new technique on this shoot...

Extended exposure with my brother and his girlfriend.  Another fun night of breaking out the camera for something new. This was our first try and it ended up being the best!

If I could have a studio, I probably would. In the meantime, I do mini-shoots in my front living room and these kids were adorable and willing to try anything with props

From my first wedding of the summer - a touching moment

I actually climbed INTO THE POOL to get a couple of these pictures and my cousins (the owners of the pool) said I was completely crazy to be taking my equipment in there.  But, I'm a little crazy, and I'm always up for a challenge! 
I love details.  If I could make my living being a 2nd shooter at weddings, I think I would. The plants in the corner at this small garden wedding were just a part of this setting (not the actual wedding flowers), but the purple caught my eye, so I decided to pounce.

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