Monday, October 8, 2012

Jeana & Brandon

What a fun and beautiful day!!!  I met Jeana through my friend (since high school), Sara Jo Sanders.  I have been doing Sara Jo's Dance Studio Recital Videos for the past couple years and Jeana is one of her choreographers.  She is a beautiful and talented young woman and mesmerizes me every time she dances.

Last year at their recital, Jeana asked me to photograph her wedding day. Needless to say, I was very excited! I usually do video for weddings, so this was my break out year for photography.

To start off our day, we decided to do a "first look" for the bride and groom at the City Circle.  While we are waiting for the bride, the groom and I hear sirens and up pulls an ambulance and fire truck.  Little did we know that the poor homeless man about 30 yards from us was hurt and someone had called 911 for them.  I felt horrible that we didn't know he was hurt, but we had only been there for about 3 minutes before this all transpired.

The rest of the day went off with no more TOO crazy stories.  Just some crazy moments from an amazing wedding party and some great memories captured!

The poor groom was a little nervous after this happened
My 2nd favorite moment - Bride saying "Don't turn around yet!"
The adorable wedding party
Sara Jo's adorable daughters
I think we still got some great shots, though :)
Always a fun shot

Beautiful day...
...For a Beautiful Couple

The girls really wanted to do this pose...
...And the boys wanted to copy them!

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