Thursday, May 3, 2012

Friday - A different Kind of Giveaway

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photographer Interview - Kaptured by Koren

I have done a post on Koren before, but we hadn't officially done her "interview" yet!  You guys are in for a treat!

One thing I love about my photographer friends is their ability to tell me like it is. Koren Faust of Kaptured by Koren is one of my favorites for this!!!! She is always nervous that she will make me upset with her comments and I just laugh and tell her to keep them coming!

I love that she is always wanting to improve her craft. I love her open, warm style of shooting people in their natural environments with natural light as much as possible.

Her biggest tip to me was to "CAPTURE THE EYES". I love this tip and am always trying to emulate the "crispness" that I see in her photos. She has been an amazing inspiration and a great "photog friend" as I have began my journey!!!!

Here are a couple of my latest favorites:

This shoot was done in the rain and all of her images were amazing!

Love this pose!!!

Look at those lashes! 
Her youngest at a photo shoot with Heather Beam Photography

Here is her interview!

1.) Tell us a little bit about yourself:
 My name is Koren Faust. I love playing sports, mostly volleyball, which I played in High School and College. I enjoy shopping with my girlfriends, fashion, spending time with my family and Cannon Beach OR is my favorite place on earth, even in the rain! I've been married to my husband Nick for almost 12 years, we have 3 kids, Ethan (8), Reagan (6) and Jordan (2). We also have a dog, Coco, whom we adopted last year. She's nice and old and calm. :) We also have our cat Candy!

2.) Where did you grow up? Go to school? 
 I grew up all over, being a Navy brat! I was born in Japan, spent my grade school years on the East Coast, living in Pennsylvania and Virginia when my dad retired. We then moved back to Whidbey Island, WA where I went to high school. I went to college in Portland at Multnomah Bible College where I met my hubby and graduated in 2001.

3.) Are you a self-taught photographer or have you had any mentors along the way? 
 Yes, I'm self taught, but that word is being overused! I may have "taught" myself how I like to shoot and interact with the subject, but I was "taught" how to truly use my camera by my friend and fellow photographer, Angela Pollard of Diamondheart Photography. She had the kindness and patience to just sit down with me one day and answer any and all questions I had, even some pretty "dumb" questions, although there are not dumb questions, right? :)

4.) Whose work has influenced you the most? 
 I'm not well versed in many photographers of the day but I simply LOVE perusing other people's work. There are SO many talented photographers now and with the information super highway, anyone is able to bask in their brilliance. I'll look at pages of work online with my mouth hanging open and say to myself, Oh, how I wish *I* could photograph like that! But if I may, I have some local favorites that I continue to follow and love that I know most of them too. Angela, as I already mentioned, Sarah Costa, who's work you've already featured, Anna Hollister, who moved away but has a stunning style, and although I don't know them personally, I love Heidi Haden's work from Velvet Owl Photography as well as Erin Tole!

5.) What made you decide to do photography? How did you get started? 
 I probably started like a lot of people nowadays, just taking photos of my own kids. I didn't have a fancy camera or any editing software, but still got encouragement from friends and family. Of course, I know that they will always lift you up, so when I decided I REALLY wanted to pursue this as a real business, I sent some "samples" to a few photographer friends to give honest critique. I knew I had a lot to learn. But if it was something I could do, and do great, and it could work with being a mom to 3 busy kids, I decided to put my efforts into making it happen. I did a LOT of work for free. I'm of the thought that I need to earn the right to charge people. I also didn't spend a lot of money on equipment. I had my Canon Rebel T1i from Costco and a 50mm 1.4 lens that I shot with for about 8 months. When I started branching out with referrals from my close friends I finally felt I had earned some stripes to call myself a "photographer". However, it still sounds weird to me. :)

6.) What camera do you use and why? 
Right now I use a Canon EOS 50D. I think when I was shopping for cameras I wanted what felt right in my hands, something I could understand and use with ease. I really love it, love the images I create. I have nothing again Nikon or any other brand, I say, use what you're comfortable with.

7.) What is your favorite lens? 
I just purchased an 85mm 1.8 lens which I really love. And I'm returning to using my 50mm 1.4 more often again. Both create such creamy skin tones and colors and I love that!

8.) Before you put your work online, do you ever have someone critique it first? 
I used to have someone critique or look over my work. Now I don't, although if I'm feeling stuck in a rut or something isn't working for me, I will definitely seek advice from those who's expertise I trust and value!

9.) Do you ever use artificial light or is it all natural light? 
I rarely use artificial light, but when I have it's mostly for my "Little Black Book" shoots (boudoir type shoots) if there isn't enough light from the windows. But I always prefer the outdoors to indoors!

10.) What is your favorite thing to shoot?
I have really come to LOVE families. I used to not enjoy that at all, but I've come to embrace the craziness of the kids. I really love the interaction with children, capturing moments that are unexpected! High school seniors are really fun too. They're not as "old" as adults so they're not quite as inhibited and, especially the girls, are pretty aware of how to pose, use expression, AND they're not as young as little kids so they sit still really well and take direction! :)

11.) Are you a Mac or PC lover? I use a PC, it suits my needs well!

12.) What editing program do you use and why? 
I use Lightroom 3, it's great for organization and editing images. I would love to learn Photoshop someday, I just haven't gotten that far... :)

13.) What is the farthest location you have ever had a photo shoot? 
I shot a wedding last September in Seattle on the waterfront. She was actually the first person to book me for a wedding and it was so awesome!

14.) Any other funny or interesting shoots that you would like to share? 
 Well, this may not be about any shoots, but one of my favorite TV shows is "America's Next Top Model". Now, before you scoff, there is some wonderful posing information that I never realized until taking up photography. This especially comes in handy when posing senior girls and grown women. Flattering angles for certain body types, how to create natural expressions, poses that don't look "posed". Thanks, Tyra! :) Something I like to "direct" people to do is the fake laugh. I always tell them, you feel TOTALLY stupid doing it, but remember this isn't a video and it translates really well on still film. They do it and they love it! So do I!

15.) Where would your "dream shoot" be? 
 Well I was able to do a shoot at Cannon Beach for my friend and her extended family but the day was pretty cold and windy so we weren't able to go out on the sand, but a great shoot at the beach would be SO fun!

16.) What is one "tip" you would give newbie photographers? 
 Find a great, encouraging group of photographers who's work you respect and would like to emulate, but stay true to what you want as well. Make sure to get "honest" critique from people if you want to really improve. If you want to stay the same, have people stroke your ego, there's plenty of people who will do that too (although I don't recommend that route). :) And finally, don't spend your savings on lots of fancy equipment, cameras and lenses. Pick a camera and lens in a moderate price range and practice, practice, practice with that. Learn the ins and outs of all the functions, manual mode, terms, light, settings, all of it! If you can be great with mediocre equipment, think how AWESOME you can be when you've earned the money for FABULOUS equipment.