Monday, April 16, 2012

Video Tip - My Trip to the Apple Store in Portland

If you edit video and are a Mac user, you have probably "upgraded" to Final Cut Pro X.  Now if you were a Final Cut Pro 7 user, you may not be happy with the change, but for a poor school teacher like myself, the switch from Final Cut Express to this has been delightful, to say the least.

Every single app update since then has BLOWN my mind away because it's like the writers have bugs in my house listening to my complaints to my hubby about what I didn't like about the program when I first bought it in July and THEY FIXED THEM ALL! it!  I love that Mac automatically updates all the apps that you buy from them because I know that I'm getting a constantly improving product every time. And, it always gets better.

So, the other day I had a spare hour (I know - crazy), so I went down to the Pioneer Square Store and had a one to one session with my new favorite employee there.  I seriously love two people, now, that work at the Apple Store.  There are a couple of employees there that can hit the road, but there are two gentleman that don't make me feel stupid and actually listen to my questions and talk me through it.

One was the Final Cut Pro Guy :)

The Other was the Guy with the goatee that told me ALL about the mentally challenged people that come in and take the one to one sessions every week day and sing karaoke to people around the store.  We seriously had a good 10 minute conversation about this.  He had me rolling laughing.  I now know why I can never get a stinking appointment every time I want to get in there during random times!!!!

(Side Note - can you tell I'm horrible with names?!?!??!)

Back to Final Cut Pro Guy - I spent a good hour with him talking through short cuts in the program and found a TON of great new things with Color Correction, Exposure, and how to import audio only or video only (which I used just yesterday!).  Also - he showed me some short cuts that I hope to use this summer!  Here are a couple that I can share quickly before I head off to bed!

W - Insert Edit (will place your clip right where the cursor is, thus overriding any clips you had there)
E - Append Edit (will place your clip at the end of the timeline, no matter where your cursor is)
Q - Connect to Primary Storyline (will place your clip OVER the video that is already there - on top)

This is a screenshot of Final Cut Pro - The Main 3 buttons that I just discussed are right above the yellow box

1. Audition - says "With the new Auditions feature in Final Cut Pro X, you can stack multiple shots in one place in your timeline and cycle through them to choose the best one." I can look at multiple clips and see what they would look like in my video without copying/pasting/messing up what I am editing. I have been doing things the hard way for YEARS!!!! Time to get a little more fine-tuned and start to edit more efficiently and specifically.

This is a screen shot of even LOOKS fun!
2. Synchronize Clips - oh yea! Get 2-3 cameras at different angles, import them, select them and right click!  Wa-hoo!   It will analyze the audio FOR YOU and create a clip with them all put together.  Now, I didn't have a good clip to practice on at my session, so Mr. One to One and I couldn't figure out how to go back and forth between the actual video of the clip from camera to camera.  That's my next task.  I am hoping this saves me at least 30-60 minutes while editing weddings this summer.  That is an extra hour I can spend with my ever-growing toddler!!!

So excited that I went to Apple the other day :)  Hope to see my two new best friends, again, soon!

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