Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saturday's Festivities

I have been staying the entire weekend with my sister and brother-in-law.  This is only funny because I only live 20 minutes away from them :)  However, I decided that it was easier, because I had 4 things happening in their town this weekend.

1.)  Family Dessert Birthday Party
2.)  Photo Shoot at their Tulip Festival
3.)  Soccer Game
4.)  My sister's birthday party with her friends

So, rather than waste gas (right, Josh?) which we know is creeping it's way up to $5/gallon, I just figured I would get in some much needed family time.  Isabella has been sick off and on for the past couple weeks, so she missed her cousins and the rest of our family.  She has been having a blast so far!!  Since we wore them out this morning in the kiddie pool, she is now sleeping, and I figured I would catch up on some photo editing and blog about the weekend!

Friday night was our Family Birthday Party. We all went out to Olive Garden. This wouldn't have been eventful had it not been for my guest!!!!  I invited my toughest to reach teenage girl student to dinner with us, and she said YES!!!!!  She came with us and was completely quiet the whole time.  It was Twilight Zone, let me tell you.  My family said she was the most well-behaved girl they had ever seen.  I can't wait to tell her that!  I also can't wait to see how school will be from now on :)

Saturday morning was pretty uneventful.  The girlies watched Dora and we all sat around and chatted. Then we put them down for naps and I headed out to Woodland's beautiful Tulip Festival.  I happened to run into a friend about 30 minutes before my scheduled photo shoot, so I decided to snap a couple of pictures of her adorable little girls!  She was delighted :)  The day was bright, so we have a couple of squinters, but that's ok! They loved the flowers.

Then, I had my scheduled photo shoot with a couple that bought my services through an auction to benefit the senior class party at my high school where I teach.  It was really neat to meet them.  The husband works at the fire department at the airport, so we "talked shop" for awhile when I told him that my hubby was a pilot!  So fun!

Seriously bright day.  So glad the couple suggested that we go to the Lilac Garden, too, because we FINALLY found enough shade to take some pics with their eyes wide open!  Love!

Saturday night we had our co-ed adult soccer game that my sister, brother-in-law, hubby and I play in.  Unfortunately, hubby was gone in Florida all weekend visiting his best friend, Kyle.  So, we had to find a bunch of guy subs to help fill spots :)

We ran our hearts out and really played well against a much young, much more athletic team.  You wouldn't have been able to tell, though.  We really kept up!  However, we weren't able to finish our runs with goals in the end.  So, we lost our last official indoor game this season. We were sad that we didn't have all our regular players to finish out strong!  Plus, Danielle got hurt when a guy kicked the ball out from underneath her and she landed on her hip.  After ice and some Tylenol, she is feeling a TON better, though!

Now the girls are napping and we are waiting for Danielle's friends to come over to hang out and celebrate her getting a year older (thanks to Tasha for arranging such a wonderful day)!

Then tonight it's off to a Young Life Leader Dinner for me, so I hope to get the rest of these photos edited and up so I can enjoy the rest of this sunny day as well as not have anything to work on during the week after school!

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