Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Pilot's Wife Part 7

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Have I mentioned to you how much I love this man? I have been in a writing slump for 3 weeks and asked him to write the next installment. And he did! On an IPAD! Seriously? Awesome guy.

“After a few months of living in Yakima and working in Chicago it became evident that it was not going to be easy on our relationship to continue the commute. We were young and newly married, so we were still finding our identity as a couple. It was hard to build this identity and to grow with each other with me being gone so much. Part of the problem was that there was not going to be much advancement at that job for a long time, so I would be on the bottom of the seniority list for a while. My place on this list would directly effect my schedule.

I had started to send out resumes again looking for jobs closer to home. At the same time, we started to look for housing in the Chicago area. Those were the two options for us. We didn't know where life was going to take us in the future, but these were our two best options. Then one day in the afternoon, I was home and got a call out of the blue from another airline. I wasn't expecting this at all. I didn't even know they were hiring. All I did was update my resume with them in the previous months hoping for a call.

I ended up getting hired at the airline closer to home and they had a base in the city that Karina had been hired in the previous spring. I started there and spent another two months away from Karina during training. We only had one car at the time because I was gone in Chicago so much, so I spent two months in a hotel with no car with nothing of much interest near that hotel. I relied on a friend of mine from class to take me to the grocery store to stock up on my weekly food. Training pay is less the normal salary, so I remember eating a lot of Top Ramen and taking advantage of the hotel's free breakfast.

As I started working, Karina was the one who wasn't home much. I flew home to Yakima and she was in Ellensburg living with her friends and finishing her masters. It was summer time, but my teacher wife was the one in class all summer. It was interesting. We had our apartment in Yakima, she was renting a room in Ellensburg and I was living on the road four days a week. Still with one car, it caused her to drive the 45 minutes to Yakima to pick me up and sometimes we would stay in Yakima and she would drive to school, or we'd stay in her room in Ellensburg. It was a very interesting time for us as we continued to build the base for our future.”

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  1. Dang I never realized how hectic things were at first with your jobs and school and such after being married! This was cool to read :)


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