Monday, April 23, 2012

Photo Tip - How to photograph on a bright/sunny day

We've been complaining and complaining. The wind. The rain. The gloom and doom of the winter months.  And now, spring has hit.  Now we complain about the sun being TOO bright!

1.  Unless you are going for a crazy effect, try NOT to shoot directly into the sun OR with the sun directly behind you.  Directly behind you, the poor subjects you are shooting will be squinting in every single picture.  Off to the side, or at an angle is best.  Here are a couple examples from this weekend :)

Beautiful, yet squinting baby
Shot into the sun for some flare
2.  Choose the best time of day.  "High noon" is named that for a reason.  It's not necessarily the best time to be getting out your camera.  We took pictures around 3pm and it was STILL completely bright outside.  Time to get a little later in the day!

3.  Find some shade?  If there is not any around, try an umbrella.  This weekend, we had to roam around to find some shade, but eventually it happened!!!!

I love that we finally got some beautiful eyes!!!!
4.  Reflectors....I have YET to master these.  I really hope to try them out again soon.  But, I keep forgetting them at home.  Biscuits! So, no examples from this weekend.

5.  Flash - off camera or on?  Have any of you photographers done this?  I am up for a lesson!!!!!!

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