Thursday, April 19, 2012

Friday Giveaway - Peek-a-Boo Seat Covers

I LOVE small businesses. And, I love to help small businesses whenever I get a chance! This company found me on Facebook and loved my work and asked me to create a "commercial" for them for their website advertising their products. I was MORE than happy to help. In return, owner Paulette made me a custom cover for a friend that is having a baby!!!!

Here was her completed commercial:

From Facebook:
“Car seat Canopy covers with several options for you to customize it to fit your style and theme. My name is Paulette, I am a Wife and Mother to 5 Beautiful Children.

Mission: Dream~Design~Create your customized Peek-a-Boo cover.

Elegant, Personalized, fun and great gifts for all

Company Overview: We have a Unique car seat canopy 3-in-1 design available for each cover. Pocket for Diapers & Wipes, Binky holder and Nursing Strap. Monograming and Custom covers are available.

Pricing or Questions:

Friendly Customer services and quick delivery..

Your baby will stay covered from germs, sun and the elements with our beautiful and professionally designed Peek-A-Boo Covers.”

Okay - so the GIVEAWAY IS:

A CUSTOM SOAKER PAD! Pictured here (without straps):

In your choice of print
Prize worth: $12
Winner to pay $3.50 shipping

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  1. i love the soaker pad, thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I would love to try a soaker pad!!

  3. Her stuff is too cute and is actually practical!


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