Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Pilot's Wife - Part 5

If you are playing "Catch UP":  Here is Part 4

This year is our 10th anniversary.  And I am having such a great time remembering how we met and what our wedding was like.  This week, I share with you some of my favorite photos from that day 9.5 years ago!  Sorry about the scanner-quality photos :(

Me and Josh walking back down the aisle after we said "I DO!"
Our entire wedding party
My sister and Brother (who is now 21, by the way!)
My girls!!!!!

It's me!  Time to go work out again.....LOL

Josh with our ring bearers

My and my flower girls (who are graduating this year!)

My Pilot and ME (LOVE YOU BABE!)


  1. Gorgeous Karina!!! You two look so happy :)

    1. Thanks Anna!!! I feel so blessed that we are STILL happy, as well!!!!

  2. Beautiful photos Must be so fun to 'relive' your wedding day again! Thanks for sharing!
    I recognize the church where you got married! I remember being a flower girl with you at there ;)

    1. AH AMY!!!!!! That is so funny! I think I still might have the actual blue dress with white lace on it in my closet at my parent's house!!!! I think that our picture is similar to the picture that I have with MY flower girls where we are all sitting down on the steps. If I can find that picture, I will have to post them side by side :)

  3. Seen these before but it was cute to see them again especially after reading the previous blogs :)


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