Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Pilot's Wife - Part 4

If you missed the proposal last week: Pilot's Wife - Part 3

I grew up in a Christian home and one of the things that I believed was to “save myself for marriage”. In this endeavor, our youth group leaders told us to keep a journal for our future husband. I was HORRIBLE at this. I didn’t even start mine until after I met Josh. And, while we were dating, I only wrote one entry to him. It was:

“So, it’s girl’s night…everyone broke their “future husband” journals, and I realized that I haven’t done anything in mine for quite awhile, so I thought that I would start this as a journal and tell you about my thoughts, hopes and dreams…and give this to you at our wedding. Ok, that was the LONGEST sentence that I’ve ever written. Well, I realized that (in this girl’s night out), I missed you a lot. You are my light, my rock (besides Christ), and I love you with all my heart. You know how we always say we can’t think of anything to talk about? Well, every time I think of something I want to tell you, I will write it in here!”

The rest of the beginning of the journal was scrap booking different pictures, poems, and phrases that reminded me of Josh and of our relationship.

Guess what, I didn’t write in it again. This was the only journal entry I wrote in it before our wedding. AND – I don’t think I ever gave it to him. I kept it in a drawer in our bedroom and totally forgot about it until I found it last week. Just thought this would be an interesting place to confess...

While Josh and I were engaged, we were living in Ellensburg still because I was a junior in college (about 4 hours away from my mom, the organizing queen, and my hometown where we would be getting married). Most of the plans took place in fall 2001/Spring 2002 when I went home to visit Longview. My budget was $5,000. Josh says the only thing he remembers about planning is that I did most of it. He says that I asked him for advice, but he had NO idea what I was talking about (AKA Flowers), so he just made stuff up. My dress was $300 at a local store. Bridesmaid dresses were $100 each (lilac for the maid of honor and periwinkle for the rest). Flower girl dresses were white ($20) and their moms spiced them up with some tulle and flowers. By the way, my flower girls are graduating high school this year!!!!! Aren't they gorgeous? I'm so proud of them!

I get a high from saving money, so everything we did was on a budget and it made me happy knowing that we weren't going to be in debt (except student loans) when we got married. The reception was at the church. My photographer was a friend. I handed the family video camera to another friend (and yes, we STILL have that video!). The caterer was a family friend and all the food was bought from Costco. Ribbons and decorations were all bought at (I kid you not) Wal-Mart, the Dollar Store, and Jo-Ann Fabrics. Sorry to any of my brides if this is embarrassing to you! Just remember, I was 20 years old and this almost 10 years ago!!!! My tastes have since changed.

My bridesmaids were:
1. My sister, Danielle
2. My cousin, Nicole
3. My best friend since 3rd grade, Kelly Jo

And my two best friends from college:
4. Angela and
5. Andrea

I chose my best friend from high school, Michelle, to sing a duet with a family friend and my sister and her boyfriend's family prepared a music number as well.

We had to have pre-marital counseling with Pastor King, but because we were 4 hours away, we only had like 2 sessions with him. Most of our counseling was a packet that we had to fill out together and discuss. My take-away that I always remember is that Pastor said to never put down my husband in front of others. I have strived to always stick to that. Josh's take-away was not to look at other women and lust after them. He says he has done a really good job (as he is sitting here smiling at me). He also remembers Pastor King saying that when he first got married, he asked his wife Kay "Where's my lunch?" and she said "I'm not your mother. Go make your own lunch!" Now, if you know Pastor and Kay, this surprises me, but also sounds just like her spunkiness!

Now, if I can just get this scanner to work, I can't WAIT until next week to show you some pictures of the big day!!!!!! :)

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