Sunday, March 18, 2012

Conroy Twins

This wonderful little family is the brother and sister-in-law of my long-running baby-sitter, Robin, who left me to go to college!!  But, I will talk about that some other time :)  So proud of her!

They have a beautiful little girl named Hannah who is 21 months old.  Due to insurance purposes, when they found out they were pregnant this time, they weren't able to get in to see a doctor until Brittany was about 6 months pregnant.  Much to their surprise, this was the first time they found out they were having TWINS!!!!!  They sprung into action with what little time they had left so they could prepare for these 2 little bundles of joy :)

Little Miss Hannah....such a character! 
The twins together!!!
2 weeks ago, little Triston (boy) and Skylar (girl) were born.  They were having difficulty breathing steadily on their own, so they were kept in the NICU here in Vancouver, WA. I noticed that Brittany hadn't been taking many photos other than on her phone, so I messaged her and asked if she wanted a couple of them while they were still in the hospital.  So, I went the next day after school and snapped a couple.

Skylar is still in the hospital, as she is having trouble eating on her own without a feeding tube.  Triston got to go home yesterday.  YAY!!!!   But, brother and sister need to be together again soon, so prayers would be MUCH appreciated for her ability to eat!!!

The entire family together!

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