Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Pilot's Wife - Part 1

Ever wonder what it's like to be a pilot's wife?  Is it glamour, riches, jet-setting and walking (holding hands of course) into the sunset? Every Thursday, I am going to post a little more of our personal story, so you can get to us on a deeper level.  It is WAY too much to put in one post, so we will see how many weeks this becomes.  Thanks for reading and thank you for supporting us!!!

The Pilot’s Wife

I have always loved flying. As long as I can remember I have loved to travel. As I look back on my family memories, the best memories I have are vacations. My mom said that she and dad decided when we were young to take at least one big family vacation a year. They wanted to create lasting memories for our small family of five. And that they did!

My first flight was uneventful. To this day, it doesn’t stand out in my mind. But I do know that it was to California because our favorite family vacation was to Disneyland. We go there at least every other year. My two-year-old daughter has gotten the chance to go twice, though, in her young life. And she LOVED it. She talks about it to this day. Especially since I created a video and a picture book for her to look through at any time.

But, I am getting a little ahead of myself. When I was a freshman in college, I was hot on the trail of finding a future spouse. I had just dumped my boyfriend and in between tears, my mom said, “Why don’t you just find yourself a pilot? You love to travel! Don’t they have a pilot program at that college of yours?” That they did. I think it’s funny that this conversation sticks out in my mind 12 years later. I didn’t intentionally decide to seek out a pilot, but as fate would have it, my sophomore year of college is when I met Josh.

Josh was a senior in college at Central Washington University. He was a residence hall manager and I was an advisor in the hall next door (some of you might think of these as dorms, just with a different name). We met during training in the summer of 2000. I remember thinking that he was very attractive as he walked toward me during one of our training sessions to introduce himself. I had heard his name before around campus and remembered thinking that he was popular and wondering why he was seeking me out to say hello. But, it was exhilarating nonetheless! I wanted to get to know as much about him as possible.

Later that week, a couple of advisors and managers were hanging out in his apartment, so I decided to tag along. He was flirting with other girls and holding one of their babies. At one point, I thought that the baby was his. He may have even said that out loud. Dashed my hopes right there. But in the midst of this nightly hang out session, we got to talking about our class schedules. Josh said he needed to take one more class in his basic and breadth to get it done and it was this Religious Studies class that I WAS TAKING WITH MY EX-BOYFRIEND! I knew I couldn’t face my ex-boyfriend alone, so I blurted out the whole sad sob-story (very out of character for me). “You have to take this class with me! I just can’t do it. He’ll try to sit by me. I think he still likes me. Please!!!” Josh remembers at the time – “A hot chick is asking me to take a class with her. Score!” I remember the lighting in his apartment (not great) and the sound from the fish tank in the corner. The very next day, he signed up.

Stay tuned next week for more!!!!


  1. more more!:) i wanna know the rest.

  2. hehe this is fun to read! I had no idea you were writing these!


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