Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Heart Faces Challenge - Hugs and Kisses

I have all these pictures of beautiful weddings......brides and grooms kissing and hugging.  Little kids kissing their siblings.  But, as I thought about the best hugs and kisses, I realized that a mother's touch and hug could also have healing powers.

This summer, I had the opportunity to film and take photos of two of my dear friends that had their babies prematurely. This picture was one of my favorite because it was the first time that this little guy's smile was ever caught on camera.  If you want to read my blog on their incredible story, please grab some tissues and check it out here:  My Cherished Mentor and Friend

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  1. Wow, incredible photo, loving and lovely.

  2. This is so amazingly precious. As a Mom of a preemie too, it really touched my heart! Great capture!

  3. this picture brings back a flood of memories...even 15 years later! my premie is now a huge strapping 5'8" 15 year old young man...but all those years ago we went day to day wondering if we would have him here or if the Lord would take him home...What a beautiful image...thanks so much for sharing. I love the blog as well! <3

    1. WOW!!!! Thank YOU for sharing! I have heard so many amazing stories of preemies since these babies entered our lives.....It's not even my story to tell, but I have felt so connected to them because I love their moms so much. Thanks again!!!!

  4. such a precious moment and photo Karina. Love it.


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