Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fun Website, Word Hunt, and Giveaway!!!!!

Whether you are an educator, a small business owner, or just a PERSON, you might enjoy this website!  A fellow educator of mine showed me this today and he was using it to have students look up information on Black History Month and create a montage of words about that person in a shape that might exemplify them.  Pretty cool!  I thought it might be fun to type in "" into the URL box and see what words it came up with for ME.  I can't believe over 4,000 people have viewed my blog in only a month and a half that it has been up and rolling.  It brings joy to my heart.  (Thus the shape today!)

Now, I love all these words except for ONE.....

If YOU can find it, you are entered in the drawing to win a headband from:
BBB Crochet

To be entered:
1.)   "Like" BBB Crochet and tell them I sent you
(I will be checking their wall before I draw on Monday)
2.)   Leave a comment telling me what word it is!!!

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