Sunday, January 1, 2012

What did YOU do New Year's Eve??

I don't know what YOU did New Year's Eve, but I bet not a lot of you did this!! We had SO much fun at my sister's house playing Kinect on the XBox and Minute to Win it games put on by my creative brother-in-law, Jeff. At the end of the night, my brother and sister suggested that we all decorate "wishing" lanterns and send them off just like in the movie "Tangled"! Isabella would have loved it if she had been awake at the time. In the meantime she will just have to watch our video of the adventure (song picked by my sister, Danielle - I think it's perfect, Ella!).

This first video is just the lanterns at the end of the night....

Here is the full 10 minute video of everything that night :) Ending is the same as the first movie:

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  1. AWESOME! We didn't do anything this cool! Maybe next year LOL!


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