Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine's Mini-Shoot - Feb. 11th

The Valentine's mini-shoot is meant to raise money for "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer." My wonderful friend, Hillary, is one of the ladies in charge of getting teams for the 2 mile PIR walk in Portland on May 12th (Mother's Day Weekend).  She knew that I would love to help out, of course :)  So, I thought what better way to raise money than to give people something they may want for a good price and know that they are making a difference at the same time!

So, I am going to create a "K Tobin Video" out Josh, Mom and Danielle because you are on it!  We are going to have cute t-shirts and all :)

The mini-specials will be held at my house and they will be in 15 minute increments.  The pics that I took below were just with flash.  I WILL have my studio lights out that day!  There will also be a box of fun mustaches, lips, hats, and scarves (if you wish).  Or, you could just bring your spiffy self over and take some cute photos.

Newborns - I will have a special prop pillow for you!  Adults - if the weather is good, we may have a small set up outside, too....

There are limited spots, so make sure you sign up before yours is gone!  If there is more interest, I will add more times.  Text me at:  (360) 430-8740 or e-mail me at:

Here is the flier for the Valentine's Mini-Specials

And a couple of other pictures from my cutie patootie 
(Who NEVER lets me take pics of her BTW)
There may have been an M&M bribe

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  1. Cant wait for our session! now just have to figure out what to wear lol... Gabby


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