Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time to Organize! What's to come....

Okay - if you know me BUT AT know I have to have everything organized in my life.  My sister was making fun of me the other day because I never have to clean my house since it already starts OUT that way.  So, the blog is stressing me out a little.  Not because it is difficult to do or because I am having a hard time coming up with what to write about.  I HAVE TOO MUCH TO WRITE!  And now I need to organize it!  :)  So, here it my attempt at how I will organize this thing...

Monday - Photo Tips

Tuesday - Video Tips

Wednesday - Photographer Interviews
(BTW - did you SEE Yesterday's Interview with Anna Hollister?)

Thursday - Blog of my Choice

(Come back tomorrow for a giveaway from Paisley Kate Studio)

Saturday - Product Reviews

Sunday - My Latest Work

And, to tell you the truth....if I don't have a post that fits that day that week, I will just skip it! Or re-post an oldie, but goodie. No stress, no pressure.  Because this blog was meant to be a journey for me.  And MAN have I already learned a lot.  I can't believe it's only been 2.5 weeks, and almost 3,000 blog views, can you?

Thanks to those of you that have already made my first 1/2 month so great and I hope to bring you more outstanding posts in the future!

Karina Marie (Of K Tobin Video)

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