Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photographer Interview #1 - Anna Hollister Photography

I am SO excited to bring you all another new series on Photographer Interviews! My goal is to gain as much information as I can this year, so how better to do that than straight from the source!  My first interview is Anna Hollister of Anna Hollister Photography. She is a photographer that I have only met once, but just LOVE her style.  She has an organic feel and uses brown/earthy tints to give her photos a soft tone.  I had the opportunity to do a practice photography session with Anna down in the Pearl District of Portland, OR just last month.  It was a little chilly, but it didn't rain, so we shot for about an hour.  Just because I can, here are the two shots she got of me!  I just love how warm and soft they feel.

I hope that you enjoy getting to know Anna as much as I have!  Give her facebook page a "like" and let her know that I sent you!

KT:  Tell us a little bit about yourself
AH:  I am a say at home mom with two little kiddos. Oh yeah! And a professional photographer.

KT:  Where is “home”? I notice you have fans across the ocean :)
AH:  Well, I am from Sweden so I have a lot of Swedish fans, I grew up close to the Norwegian border so I have quite a few friends there, too.
KT:  That is so awesome!  I am a 1/4 Swedish.  I didn't know we had that in common!

KT:  Are you a self-taught photographer or have you had any mentors along the way?
AH:  I am mostly self-taught, but I do have a mentor. My Niece, Alyssa, is a photographer in Baker City. She has supported, critiqued and taught me SO much about photography. I have also learned a TON from Clickin Moms, an online forum for well… Clickin Moms ;)
KT Commentary:  Awesome!  I checked them out and linked them up above!

KT:  Whose work has influenced you the most?
AH:  Too many to list, but a few that I admire are Kerrianne Brown, Barb Uli, Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall at Baby as Art, and Beth Jansen.

KT:  What made you decide to do photography? How did you get started?
AH:  After having professional photos done of my son that I didn’t like, I decided to invest in a dslr, and I got hooked. After a few years of just photographing my own kids, people started to ask me if I would do theirs as well, and then it kind of snowballed from there.

KT:  What camera do you use and why?
AH:  I’m a Canon girl, I use the 50D which I love, I’ve always used and loved Canon.
KT:  My kind of woman!

KT:  What is your favorite lens?
AH:  My favorite is the 85 1.8, I love the color and creamy bokeh it produces.

KT:  Before you put your work online, do you ever have someone critique it first?
AH:  Sometimes I do, but not very often, I try to submit my work for critique about every 6 months or so, it is SO helpful and it helps me grow. As artists, we always evolve and it is very important to WANT to continue growing and learning.
KT:  I know my critiques I have received from you and other photographers have really helped me to grow in this first year for me.

KT:  Do you ever use artificial light or is it all natural light?
AH:  I love natural light, and I use it 99% of the time, there is just something about it that artificial light can’t compare with. I do have an artificial light setup, but it stays in the bag most of the time

KT:  What is your favorite thing to shoot?
AH:  Newborns, just something about them that makes my heart melt. Second favorite is families, love capturing the love between family members!

KT:  Do you have any "photo disaster" stories to share?
AH:  Not yet (knock on wood), but I’m sure it will come soon ;)

KT:  Are you a Mac or PC lover?
AH:  PC, I used a Mac for a while but didn’t fall in love. So I’ll stick with PC for now ;)
KT commentary:  Oh - I don't know if we can be friends, now.

KT:  What editing program do you use and why?
AH:  I use and love CS5, I upgraded from CS4 and I LOVE it. I am very meticulous and sometime a little slow when it comes to editing, only because I have to love every image I produce.
KT commentary:  I think that is what makes you so good, though.

KT:  Do you ever shoot weddings in other countries and would you ever need a videographer (wink wink) to tag along?
AH:  One of my dreams is to shoot weddings in Sweden, where I’m from, and I would LOVE to have an awesome videographer (such as yourself) to tag along ;) Love your work! Thank you SO much!
KT:  YAY!  That would be amazing....I am sure my mom and grandma would be proud if I did that, too!  No, thank YOU Anna for sharing some time with us today!!

And here is some more of her latest work for you all to check out!


  1. You are so sweet, and I'm so excited to hear you're a fellow Swede too :)

  2. Great Interview! Thanks for the sweet mention Anna, but you completely inspire me and keep my clickin'!


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