Monday, January 9, 2012

My Cherished Mentor and Friend

Sometimes when you are trying to build your own business and develop yourself as an artist, it's difficult to loan out advice and help others that are doing the same thing.  I can't put into words how much I respect and truly LOVE this next photographer.  She was introduced to me by one of my dearest friends, Kelly Jo.  Kellene of Bella Lucia Photography is my first photography mentor and is now a dear friend of mine as well.  She texts, e-mails, and instant messages me at all hours if I have questions (which I ALWAYS do).  She'll even e-mail me links to other videos, products and articles that she think that I might be interested in.  I LOVE how considerate she is to me as I grow my OWN business.

You would not BELIEVE the life journey this amazing woman has been through. The entire reason that we were introduced is because my friend knew that Kellene wanted a memorial slideshow of her son, Leo, that had been born premature and had passed away 30 hours later from complications.  I felt an INSTANT connection to her as I got to put together the only pictures and video that they were able to take of him in his short life.  Here is that video:

 You can read more about him and see his memorial blog here:   Remembering Leo.

So, back to Kellene - you will notice that the last date on the Leo blog was a couple months ago.  This is mostly due to the fact that she gave birth to Baby Enzo!!!!  If you follow my journey at all, you know that I got the opportunity to take some pictures and video of Enzo in the hospital, as he too was born premature.  Enzo is thriving now and is happily spending time at home with his mommy, daddy, and big sister Nevaeh.  You can see his video here:  Baby Enzo.

I will be featuring Kellene in a couple of posts this month.  I owe so much to her and just love her so dearly.  I hope you will, too!  Give her a "like" and let her know that I sent you (or comment on one of her blogs).  For now, here are a couple of the latest pictures that she has taken of our family!!!


  1. You're right, I did need my tissues! Such a gracious and wonderful woman!

  2. Thankyou for giving this to my daughter Kellene and you are so loved!

  3. Perfectly stated! Kellene is amazing, and SO very talented herself..


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