Sunday, January 1, 2012

Capturing Emotion

My job is to follow the bride. It is HER day. Her one chance to have her fairy tales all come to fruition. She has been working on this day for months (or years) and in order to remember ever single little detail of her day, I need to get to know her.

After I get to the ceremony site and set up all of my equipment, I like to walk around and just watch all of the interactions that are taking place among the people involved. From the bride and groom to the bridesmaids, groomsmen, relatives, and guests, you can tell a lot about a couple from all of the people that surround them and back them up on their special day.

I am always working while I am doing this. Usually before the ceremony, I am videoing short (3-5 second) clips of the small details that made this day possible.  The candles, the flowers, the linens, the table settings (if the reception is in the same spot).  A good shot down the aisle is always fun. Shots of the invitations or the program with the couple's name on it is good, too, especially for a title slide.

But after that, I focus on the couple. I love eyes. You can sense so much emotion through a couple's eyes that I try to capture that as I video. When they gaze at each other and can't stop smiling or laughing, I love how that looks on camera.  It's my favorite part about that day. It's almost as if I've stumbled upon something I wasn't supposed to see. It is such an honor to be chosen to be a part of that.  I love each and every wedding! It's sad that I can't seem to get enough.

Video is different than wedding portraits. I am a photojournalistic videographer, which means that I capture the day as it is.  And that is my style as a photographer, too. I don't think of myself as an "artist" per say. I think of myself as a friend of the bride, or more like her mirror, along for the ride, and ready to show her what her day was like over and over again.

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