Friday, January 6, 2012

Before and After - a Photog Journey

One thing I love about my photographer friends is their ability to tell me like it is.  Koren Faust of Kaptured by Koren is one of my favorites for this!!!!  She is always nervous that she will make me upset with her comments and I just laugh and tell her to keep them coming!

I love that she is always wanting to improve her craft.  I love her open, warm style of shooting people in their natural environments with natural light as much as possible.  Here are a couple of my latest favorites:

Her biggest tip to me was to "CAPTURE THE EYES".  I love this tip and am always trying to emulate the "crispness" that I see in her photos.  She has been an amazing inspiration and a great "photog friend" as I have began my journey!!!!

Check out her OWN journey here on her post One Year Later - Family Photo Shoot

Can you tell I just LOVE her??  I also enjoy her style and I hope you will, too!!!!


  1. Thanks Karina! You make me sound way more fabulous than I feel! Haha! :) I appreciate the shoutout, too! Koren

  2. Whatever Koren! Hush :) You are amazing and I hope you realize that!!!


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