Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Week's Theme - Macro

I have been taking quite a big break from blogging and just hanging out with the family. Haven't really taken out the camera much.  But, Sunday is my "current work day".  So, my friends and I belong to a group and this week's theme was "Macro", which means to get as close as we can to an object.  I ended up choosing the blade of grass to enter, but thought that I would share my other "tries" as well, just for fun.  I love being a part of a group that encourages me to get creative, because, believe me....sometimes I just DON'T feel it!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

GIVEAWAY Winner and What's to Come

If you missed the announcement on Facebook, the Winner of the Paisley Kate Studio prize
was Sara Whatley.

We have no giveaways this Friday to give me a promoting breather, but we are SO excited to bring some giveaways in the upcoming weeks from photographers and vendors alike!  Stay tuned :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine's Mini-Shoot - Feb. 11th

The Valentine's mini-shoot is meant to raise money for "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer." My wonderful friend, Hillary, is one of the ladies in charge of getting teams for the 2 mile PIR walk in Portland on May 12th (Mother's Day Weekend).  She knew that I would love to help out, of course :)  So, I thought what better way to raise money than to give people something they may want for a good price and know that they are making a difference at the same time!

So, I am going to create a "K Tobin Video" out Josh, Mom and Danielle because you are on it!  We are going to have cute t-shirts and all :)

The mini-specials will be held at my house and they will be in 15 minute increments.  The pics that I took below were just with flash.  I WILL have my studio lights out that day!  There will also be a box of fun mustaches, lips, hats, and scarves (if you wish).  Or, you could just bring your spiffy self over and take some cute photos.

Newborns - I will have a special prop pillow for you!  Adults - if the weather is good, we may have a small set up outside, too....

There are limited spots, so make sure you sign up before yours is gone!  If there is more interest, I will add more times.  Text me at:  (360) 430-8740 or e-mail me at:

Here is the flier for the Valentine's Mini-Specials

And a couple of other pictures from my cutie patootie 
(Who NEVER lets me take pics of her BTW)
There may have been an M&M bribe

Photographer Interview #1 - Anna Hollister Photography

I am SO excited to bring you all another new series on Photographer Interviews! My goal is to gain as much information as I can this year, so how better to do that than straight from the source!  My first interview is Anna Hollister of Anna Hollister Photography. She is a photographer that I have only met once, but just LOVE her style.  She has an organic feel and uses brown/earthy tints to give her photos a soft tone.  I had the opportunity to do a practice photography session with Anna down in the Pearl District of Portland, OR just last month.  It was a little chilly, but it didn't rain, so we shot for about an hour.  Just because I can, here are the two shots she got of me!  I just love how warm and soft they feel.

I hope that you enjoy getting to know Anna as much as I have!  Give her facebook page a "like" and let her know that I sent you!

KT:  Tell us a little bit about yourself
AH:  I am a say at home mom with two little kiddos. Oh yeah! And a professional photographer.

KT:  Where is “home”? I notice you have fans across the ocean :)
AH:  Well, I am from Sweden so I have a lot of Swedish fans, I grew up close to the Norwegian border so I have quite a few friends there, too.
KT:  That is so awesome!  I am a 1/4 Swedish.  I didn't know we had that in common!

KT:  Are you a self-taught photographer or have you had any mentors along the way?
AH:  I am mostly self-taught, but I do have a mentor. My Niece, Alyssa, is a photographer in Baker City. She has supported, critiqued and taught me SO much about photography. I have also learned a TON from Clickin Moms, an online forum for well… Clickin Moms ;)
KT Commentary:  Awesome!  I checked them out and linked them up above!

KT:  Whose work has influenced you the most?
AH:  Too many to list, but a few that I admire are Kerrianne Brown, Barb Uli, Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall at Baby as Art, and Beth Jansen.

KT:  What made you decide to do photography? How did you get started?
AH:  After having professional photos done of my son that I didn’t like, I decided to invest in a dslr, and I got hooked. After a few years of just photographing my own kids, people started to ask me if I would do theirs as well, and then it kind of snowballed from there.

KT:  What camera do you use and why?
AH:  I’m a Canon girl, I use the 50D which I love, I’ve always used and loved Canon.
KT:  My kind of woman!

KT:  What is your favorite lens?
AH:  My favorite is the 85 1.8, I love the color and creamy bokeh it produces.

KT:  Before you put your work online, do you ever have someone critique it first?
AH:  Sometimes I do, but not very often, I try to submit my work for critique about every 6 months or so, it is SO helpful and it helps me grow. As artists, we always evolve and it is very important to WANT to continue growing and learning.
KT:  I know my critiques I have received from you and other photographers have really helped me to grow in this first year for me.

KT:  Do you ever use artificial light or is it all natural light?
AH:  I love natural light, and I use it 99% of the time, there is just something about it that artificial light can’t compare with. I do have an artificial light setup, but it stays in the bag most of the time

KT:  What is your favorite thing to shoot?
AH:  Newborns, just something about them that makes my heart melt. Second favorite is families, love capturing the love between family members!

KT:  Do you have any "photo disaster" stories to share?
AH:  Not yet (knock on wood), but I’m sure it will come soon ;)

KT:  Are you a Mac or PC lover?
AH:  PC, I used a Mac for a while but didn’t fall in love. So I’ll stick with PC for now ;)
KT commentary:  Oh - I don't know if we can be friends, now.

KT:  What editing program do you use and why?
AH:  I use and love CS5, I upgraded from CS4 and I LOVE it. I am very meticulous and sometime a little slow when it comes to editing, only because I have to love every image I produce.
KT commentary:  I think that is what makes you so good, though.

KT:  Do you ever shoot weddings in other countries and would you ever need a videographer (wink wink) to tag along?
AH:  One of my dreams is to shoot weddings in Sweden, where I’m from, and I would LOVE to have an awesome videographer (such as yourself) to tag along ;) Love your work! Thank you SO much!
KT:  YAY!  That would be amazing....I am sure my mom and grandma would be proud if I did that, too!  No, thank YOU Anna for sharing some time with us today!!

And here is some more of her latest work for you all to check out!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paisley Kate - Graphic Design GIVEAWAY!

Uniting beautiful design with life's milestones.

Today, I bring you Katie Jenks of Paisley Kate Studio

Katie and I have multiple mutual friends and because of our love of our 2-year-old daughters, photography, and our small businesses, we have become fast Facebook Friends, as well. 

From Katie’s Website:
“Paisley Kate Studio was started by designer Katie Jenks with the idea of 'creating something new every day.' Creating it from home - even better. Since Paisley Kate's inception, many clients have been satisfied by beautiful, thoughtful designs for wedding materials, business identity packages, album artwork, logos, family correspondence, and photography.

I pride myself on generating designs for clients that make them feel unique, extraordinary, and memorable. I am passionate about fonts and colors, get excited when I catch the perfect angle through a lens, like using white space to the best of its ability, and wish I owned my very own letterpress (drool).

Photography has become a recent side-hobby of mine with the purchase of a gorgeous Nikon camera – capturing beautiful moments with babies, families, and seniors and using the timeless techniques of depth of field, color compliments, and light to feature subjects at their best.”

(C) Shumaker Photography
Katie recently left her part-time job as a Publications Director to be a freelance graphic designer and full-time stay at home mom. She even MORE recently announced that she is expecting her 2nd baby on July 4th, 2012 (lovingly nicknamed "Firecracker Jenks" at the moment!).  SO EXCITING!

Katie has designed projects for Krista Colvin (Lifestyle Personality), The Wedding Experience, Seattle Pacific University, Camas Girl's Night Out, Hoyt Arboretum, and more. The silhouette above is one she illustrated from one of her own wedding photos as branding for the upcoming local 'Wedding Experience' event. She is NOW doing custom silhouettes for clients as well. See below:

Okay - so the GIVEAWAY IS:
8x10 digitally created silhouette, professionally printed on archival photo paper 
and shipped to you.
Prize worth: $50

DEADLINE:  Thursday, February 2nd at 5pm (PST)

For the giveaway, here's what you need to do!  
saying that you did each the following (Just mention the numbers of the entries):

Mandatory Entry (you must do this in order to be entered):
1.  "Like" Paisley Kate on Facebook and post that I sent you! (1 entry)

Additional Entries:
2.  Re-post the link to this contest on Facebook or Twitter (1 entry)
3.  Subscribe to the K Tobin Video Blog (to the right! 1 entry)
4.  "Like" K Tobin Video on Facebook (1 entry)
5.  Purchase a Silhouette from Paisley Kate (3 entries)
6.  Book a photo session with Paisley Kate (3 entries)

Time to Organize! What's to come....

Okay - if you know me BUT AT know I have to have everything organized in my life.  My sister was making fun of me the other day because I never have to clean my house since it already starts OUT that way.  So, the blog is stressing me out a little.  Not because it is difficult to do or because I am having a hard time coming up with what to write about.  I HAVE TOO MUCH TO WRITE!  And now I need to organize it!  :)  So, here it my attempt at how I will organize this thing...

Monday - Photo Tips

Tuesday - Video Tips

Wednesday - Photographer Interviews
(BTW - did you SEE Yesterday's Interview with Anna Hollister?)

Thursday - Blog of my Choice

(Come back tomorrow for a giveaway from Paisley Kate Studio)

Saturday - Product Reviews

Sunday - My Latest Work

And, to tell you the truth....if I don't have a post that fits that day that week, I will just skip it! Or re-post an oldie, but goodie. No stress, no pressure.  Because this blog was meant to be a journey for me.  And MAN have I already learned a lot.  I can't believe it's only been 2.5 weeks, and almost 3,000 blog views, can you?

Thanks to those of you that have already made my first 1/2 month so great and I hope to bring you more outstanding posts in the future!

Karina Marie (Of K Tobin Video)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Heart Faces - Family "Fun"?

I think the definition of "family fun" is different in every book. This family reminded me a lot of my own family. They are quite close-knit and loving, which you can tell in EVERY single picture I took of them.  They joke with each other, laugh with each other, and generally just play around.  I happened to capture an "off" moment when brother was play-choking youngest sister and mom caught them.  I loved mom's face and the fact that the older sister was just waiting patiently for everyone to get done so we could get on with the rest of our shoot.

Click Here for:  I Heart Faces

More Than Negatives

I have seen a lot of photographers posting about this issue lately. I am sometimes guilty of the same thing.  My sister, Danielle, told me that if it weren't for me taking and printing all her daughter's photos, neither one of her children would have baby albums!  It made me laugh, but it also made me think. With the digital world on the upswing (still) comes this lack of printing out portraits.  I saw another friend post that this would be her last year to send out Christmas Cards!  This broke my heart when I thought about my grandparents that don't have internet or access to any of my pictures.  I HAVE to print out pictures to send to them so they can see my little angel and how she is growing!  That reminds me that I need to send them some more.....

Here is my friend Kellene's take on it:

I know that a lot of people may not care, but it IS a passion of ours (for me, this really reflects on video, too).  We realize that one day your children may want to see the tangible evidence of your wedding day.  When they ask questions, will you remember every detail?  Or, can you just pop that DVD in and watch it together while sitting on the couch snuggling with a bowl of popcorn?  The photographic ART that some of my friends produce just AMAZES me and to print that out and display it on my wall would be an honor!  Thank you to all of my photographer friends that have shown me the value of our art.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hank Orange - Review and GIVEAWAY!

I am SO excited you guys!  Only 2 weeks up as an official blogger (with 2,000 views!) and I have my first giveaway for you all!!!!! This week it is my great pleasure to bring to you HankOrange - Handmade with a Twist.  The owner, Amy, is a lifelong friend of mine. She is one of the most humble, kind-spirited people you will ever meet. Her husband is also a member of the Service and she is a part-time single mom of a 3-year-old boy, so you KNOW she has the patience of a Saint.

Amy has taken her mommy-alone time and turned it in to sewing time.  She just loves the release that it brings her.  And it is also a creative outlet.  You would not BELIEVE some of the things that she has on her Etsy page!  So inventive!  HankOrange is known for custom and unique items that are personalized to a specific person. She makes EVERYTHING customized - check it out...

These are the first three things I ever ordered from Amy (Bibs and the onesie below)

I also ordered a "feely" blanket once we found out my 2nd niece's name, Phoenix

A "Sweet Bella" Bird shirt for my sweet girl (which she still wears)

A "lil monster" custom shirt for my niece Ainsley.....FYI - it's her favorite!  She just showed it to me last week and growled! :)

Lastly - I ordered the below design just this month.  "Love Bug" shirts for all 3 girls.  I love that we told Amy what we wanted for the design and she sent us probably 5 mockups until we knew that it was what we wanted.  Amy loves what she does and LOVES to make her customers happy, which keeps us coming back to her!

A couple months ago, I was reading on a website about reusable bags instead of ziplocs.  I don't know about you, but I hate having random things roaming about in my purse or camera bags, so I am known to go through MULTIPLE boxes of ziplocs.  They are all over my house, I swear.  I e-mailed Amy and asked her if she had ever made these.  She said she hadn't, but would be MORE than willing to give it a try.  I love that enthusiasm!

                                           Velcro                                                 Zipper

The largest one was the size of a sandwich bag

Can I just say that these bags are AMAZING!  I love both sizes and I adore the patterns she chose for me after I told her the color palette.  I thought that I would like the zipper more than the velcro, but it's actually the other way around.  I think it might have something to do with ease of use - it opens quickly.  And the velcro that she used was more heavy duty than any I have used in my projects before, so it will last longer. I am trying not to use too many exclamation points in my write up because I seriously love these new bags and put them to use the first night they arrived.  I cleaned out my purse and put all my little chapsticks, eye drops, and knick-knacks that had fallen to the bottom in one of the little sacks. Then, I put all of Isabella's hair clips in the other. 

These bags are completely washable in cold water and line dry and the inside is vinyl that Amy ironed on to the material which makes for easy wipe up with a baby wipe or damp cloth.  I hope to order more in the future and get rid of my horrid use of ziplocs here in the near future.

Okay - so the GIVEAWAY IS:
3 bags of your own!!!!
You choose the color palette as WELL as zipper or velcro
DEADLINE:  Wednesday, January 18th at 5pm

For the giveaway, here's what you need to do!  

saying that you did each the following (one comment per entry):

Mandatory Entry (you must do this in order to be entered):
1.  "Like" HankOrange" on Facebook and Post that I sent you! (1 entry)

Additional Entries:
2.  Re-post the link to this contest on Facebook or Twitter (1 entry)
3.  Purchase something from HankOrange on Etsy (3 entries!)
4.  Subscribe to the HankOrange blog (1 entry)
5.  Subscribe to the K Tobin Video Blog (to the right! 1 entry)
6.  "Like" K Tobin Video on Facebook (1 entry)

Hope you love HankOrange as much as I do!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

An Extra 10 Minutes

Those of you that follow this blog know that just a couple of days ago, I posted the WONDERFUL story of how my friend, Kellene, and I met.  Today, I want to take you to her photography blog, so you can get to know her a little better as a photographer.  Look at the magic that she can create in just 10 minutes!!!!

Extra 10 Minutes

Then, if you have a LITTLE more time, go to her home page and check out her 2011 reflections post where she posts her favorite pictures from the year.  Here is MY favorite of hers!

Monday, January 9, 2012

My Cherished Mentor and Friend

Sometimes when you are trying to build your own business and develop yourself as an artist, it's difficult to loan out advice and help others that are doing the same thing.  I can't put into words how much I respect and truly LOVE this next photographer.  She was introduced to me by one of my dearest friends, Kelly Jo.  Kellene of Bella Lucia Photography is my first photography mentor and is now a dear friend of mine as well.  She texts, e-mails, and instant messages me at all hours if I have questions (which I ALWAYS do).  She'll even e-mail me links to other videos, products and articles that she think that I might be interested in.  I LOVE how considerate she is to me as I grow my OWN business.

You would not BELIEVE the life journey this amazing woman has been through. The entire reason that we were introduced is because my friend knew that Kellene wanted a memorial slideshow of her son, Leo, that had been born premature and had passed away 30 hours later from complications.  I felt an INSTANT connection to her as I got to put together the only pictures and video that they were able to take of him in his short life.  Here is that video:

 You can read more about him and see his memorial blog here:   Remembering Leo.

So, back to Kellene - you will notice that the last date on the Leo blog was a couple months ago.  This is mostly due to the fact that she gave birth to Baby Enzo!!!!  If you follow my journey at all, you know that I got the opportunity to take some pictures and video of Enzo in the hospital, as he too was born premature.  Enzo is thriving now and is happily spending time at home with his mommy, daddy, and big sister Nevaeh.  You can see his video here:  Baby Enzo.

I will be featuring Kellene in a couple of posts this month.  I owe so much to her and just love her so dearly.  I hope you will, too!  Give her a "like" and let her know that I sent you (or comment on one of her blogs).  For now, here are a couple of the latest pictures that she has taken of our family!!!